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Kimtigo Solid-state Drives

Kimtigo Solid-state Drives

Kimtigo's SSD series are high performance with the latest 3D TLC NAND technology, features the SATA3, PCIe3.0 and PCIe4.0 interfaces. With mtbf above 1,500,000 hours, free technical support is provided. It is the best choice for the gamer and workloads user. Designed to enhance your computing experience, Kimtigo SSDs provide lightning-fast read and write speeds, ensuring seamless performance and quick data transfers. 

Types of Solid-state Drives

Kimtigo 2.5 INCH SSD

Kimtigo's KTA-300 series of 2.5" solid state drives, cost-effective SSD products, the first choice for beginners.
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Kimtigo M.2 SATA SSD

Kimtigo's KTG-320 series of M.2 SATA3 solid state drives, full-capacity FW design, using better quality NAND, escorts the stability of SSD.
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Kimtigo M.2 PCIe SSD

Kimtigo's PCIe3.0 series of solid state drives, extremely high reading speed, bringing faster work efficiency.
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Kimtigo Portable SSD

Kimtigo's series of portable solid state drives, a better choice for moving data storage solution.
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What Is The Difference Between A Hard Drive And A SSD?

Data read and write speedup to 7500MB/s (Kimtigo PCIe4.0)up to 120MB/s
Operating power consumptionvoltage 3.3Vvoltage 5V/12V
Noise during useNoiselesswith noise
Anti-shock and anti-fallGreat stabilityLess stability

How Do I Choose The Right SSD For My Needs?

Here are some factors to consider when choosing an SSD


Choose an SSD with enough space to store your operating system, frequently used applications, and important files. 

Consider your usage needs whether you need higher capacity SSD or not.


Look for an SSD with high read and write speeds. The faster the SSD, the faster your computer will perform.


Choose between SATA, NVMe, and PCIe SSDs. NVMe is the fastest technology option.


Consider how frequently you will be using your SSD and how much data you will be writing to it. Higher-endurance SSDs are ideal for constant use.


Ensure that the SSD is compatible with your device. Check for compatibility with the motherboard or laptop manufacturer's specifications.

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