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FAQ About Memory Storage Devices

FAQ About Memory Storage Devices

How long does a solid state drive last?

SSDs have proven to be more durable than HDDs. Various studies on the life span have estimated SSDs can last for about ten years under normal use.

What's the fastest SSDs?

There are two main types: SATA SSDs and PCIe/NVMe/PCIe-NVMe.

Details about them can be found at our product details.

Is an SSD more reliable than a hard drive?

YES! Because SSDs do not contain moving parts like actuator arms, they are more durable than HDDs, and they are more resistant to accidental drops or shocks than HDDs.

Which Operating Systems Support SSDs?

All operating systems support SSD drives, but not all operating systems are optimized to keep SSDs working at the peak performance.

What are SODIMM and UDIMM?

UDIMM is for desktop use and SODIMM is for laptop.

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