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Kimtigo RDIMM DDR4 3200MHz


Kimtigo RDIMM DDR4 3200MHz has been created to maximize server performance. With a high frequency of 3200MHz, this module offers blazing-fast data processing and enhanced responsiveness, making it the perfect choice for taxing server workloads. A smoother multitasking experience and quicker data transfer rates are made possible by the RDIMM DDR4 technology's improved memory capacity and bandwidth. It has error-correcting code technology, which guarantees data integrity and system stability, both of which are essential in server contexts. Improve server performance with the dependable and powerful Kimtigo RDIMM DDR4 3200MHz memory module, which is ideal for server applications and data-intensive workloads.


Model NameKTFGR4AE9
InterfaceDDR4 RDIMM
ECC Error CorrectionSupport
Board Height31.25mm
PCB board layer8 layers
DRAM Specification2G*8bit

Optimize Server Performance with Kimtigo RDIMM DDR4 3200MHz

Kimtigo RDIMM DDR4 3200MHz memory module is designed to optimize server performance by providing faster data processing and improved responsiveness. Its high frequency of 3200MHz enables servers to handle heavy workloads, complex calculations, and demanding applications efficiently.

With increased memory capacity options, this RDIMM module allows servers to access and store larger amounts of data, enabling smoother multitasking and improved data handling. Along with the higher capacity, the module offers increased bandwidth, ensuring faster data transfer rates, reduced latency, and improved server efficiency.

Kimtigo RDIMM DDR4 3200MHz memory module incorporates error correction code (ECC) technology that detects and corrects errors in real time, ensuring data integrity and system stability. This feature is crucial in server environments where data accuracy and reliability are paramount.

The memory module is built to meet the demanding requirements of server operations, providing reliability and stability. By using Kimtigo RDIMM DDR4 3200MHz, server performance can be significantly enhanced, resulting in improved efficiency in data processing tasks and overall server operations.

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