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Kimtigo UDIMM DDR4 2400MHz


The Kimtigo UDIMM DDR4 2400MHz memory module is designed to enhance the performance of your desktop computer. With a clock speed of 2400MHz, it delivers fast and efficient data transfer rates, resulting in improved system responsiveness and multitasking capabilities. This UDIMM module is available in various capacities, allowing you to choose the ideal amount of memory for your specific needs. The Kimtigo UDIMM DDR4 module is built with high-quality components for reliable and stable performance, making it a great choice for boosting your computer's overall speed and efficiency.


Capacity4GB, 8GB
TypeNotebook memory
PackagingSingle Memory
Memory TypeValueRam Memory
Speed2400 MHz
Voltage1.2V, 1.35V (XMP)
Size69.5mm*30 mm
InterfaceJEDEC DDR4
Bandwidth19200 Mbps21300 Mbps25600 Mbps
Working temperature0~85 ℃
Application fieldTablets, laptops

How Kimtigo UDIMM DDR4 2400MHz RAM Boots Multitasking and Productivity

Improved Multitasking

The Kimtigo UDIMM DDR4 2400MHz RAM improves multitasking by offering quicker data transfer rates and more bandwidth. This enables speedier and more effective multitasking, allowing users to run numerous apps at the same time without significant lag.

Increased Productivity

The Kimtigo UDIMM DDR4 2400MHz RAM enhances overall system performance thanks to its faster clock speed. This translates into faster load times for applications, reduced lag in data-intensive tasks, and quicker response times. As a result, users experience increased productivity, enabling them to complete tasks more efficiently and effectively.

Smooth Content Creation

Content creators benefit from the increased performance of the Kimtigo UDIMM DDR4 2400MHz RAM. It enables faster rendering and editing of multimedia files, reducing rendering times and increasing overall workflow efficiency. This ensures a smooth and seamless content creation process, allowing creators to be more productive and deliver high-quality content within shorter timeframes.

Future-Proof Technology

The DDR4 2400MHz RAM is designed to meet the demands of modern computing and is compatible with the latest motherboards. By investing in the Kimtigo UDIMM DDR4 RAM, users can future-proof their systems and ensure optimal performance for years to come, as it is capable of handling the requirements of current and upcoming software and applications.

Kimtigo UDIMM DDR4 2400MHz Display

8gb ddr4 ram desktop
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