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Kimtigo Shines At CITE 2021

The three-day Ninth China Electronic Information Expo (CITE 2021) successfully concluded on April 11, 2021 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of "innovation-driven high-quality development", this expo aims to promote the high-quality development of China's electronic information industry. The expo has become the largest electronic information expo in Asia with the most complete industrial chain. This time, as a member of the Xinchuang Alliance and the vice-chairman unit of the Shenzhen Xinchuang Alliance, Kimtigo presented a variety of products on the stage, and made the best annotation for "innovation" with its strength.

1. Innovation first, winning honours

On the first day of CITE 2021 (April 9, 2021), good news from Kimtigo spread frequently. The DDR5 memory product officially released on that day stood out from many participating products and won the CITE 2021 "Innovation Award".

Kimtigo won the CITE 2021 "Innovation Award"

(Kimtigo won the CITE 2021 "Innovation Award" - fourth from left)

As the "weather vane" of the development of new products and technologies in the electronic information industry, the "Innovation Award" of China Electronic Information Expo is a comprehensive evaluation of the technical leadership, market competitiveness, and functional applicability of the participating products by 20 industry experts and scholars. Orientation is strictly evaluated. Winning this honor is an affirmation of Kimtigo's independent innovation and R&D capabilities, and it is also evidence of Kimtigo's ability to quickly respond to market demand and continue to contribute more possibilities to the storage industry.

Kimtigo's DDR5 series memory products

Kimtigo's DDR5 series memory products can be applied to 5G, big data and other industries that require rigid performance, and can widely empower small workstations, security, telemedicine, high-end games, cloud storage, high-end computers, etc. Kimtigo’s DDR5 series memory products have four major performance advantages—enhanced end-to-end receiving mode, purer signal transmission; new PMIC power supply architecture, using VDD/VDDQ/VPP/VDDSPD/VIO power supply, stable and more power-saving; built-in Error correction code ECC, more stable reading and writing; self-developed high-speed PCB board, stable and guaranteed speed; four major performance advantages bring more possibilities to industries that have rigid demand for equipment performance, and also bring smoother products to end users experience.

In the future, Kimtigo will also continue to provide more DDR5 product specifications and technical services, invest in more application scenarios, and continue to empower customers from all walks of life!

2. Collaborative development and joint construction of industry ecology

In this exhibition, Kimtigo selected a series of representative products for display, including consumer grade, industrial control grade, enterprise grade and embedded storage product line products, which attracted many participants to stop and consult.

Kimtigo selected a series of representative products for display

In the field of Xinchuang, Kimtigo takes promoting the ecological construction of Xinchuang as its own responsibility, and continuously develops special products for Xinchuang. It is a strategic partner of domestic memory chip manufacturers and an important supplier of domestic complete machine enterprises.

Screenshot of live interview in Shenzhen - customers visit Kimtigo memory products

(Screenshot of live interview in Shenzhen - customers visit Kimtigo memory products)

Taking memory products as an example, the memory products exhibited by Kimtigo use the latest generation of 2666MHz particles from domestic original manufacturers, and are independently designed and produced in full reference to JEDEC DDR4 specifications. Independent design and production not only demonstrates Kimtigo's strong research and development capabilities, but also demonstrates Kimtigo's quality pursuit of product experience and performance. This series of products is compatible with CPU platforms such as Loongson, Phytium, Zhaoxin, Kunpeng, Haiguang, etc., and compatible with mainstream operating systems such as Tongxin UOS and Kirin. The transmission bandwidth is 21300Mpbs, and the memory timing is 19-19-19. Bandwidth, high stability and other characteristics, and the working temperature of the product is 0~85°C, and the application scenarios are wider and more stable.

3. Increase R & D and innovation to speed up development

In view of the competition pattern of the memory industry, the diversity of application scenarios and storage solution requirements, Kimtigo aims to "seize market opportunities and constantly break through technological shackles" as the goal, "break down and tackle key problems one by one" in research and development, and deeply polish Product quality and service, so as to provide customers with high-performance, high-stability products.

Screenshot of the live interview in Shenzhen - Hou Hongsheng was interviewed

(Screenshot of the live interview in Shenzhen - Hou Hongsheng was interviewed)

In the field of embedded storage, Kimtigo has set up a professional embedded R&D team, whose algorithms and processes are independently designed to ensure quality. The team is deeply involved in the development and improvement of the main control algorithm of related products. So far, the company has owned a number of core technology patents and self-developed firmware programs, including dynamic/static wear leveling algorithm (DSWL), dynamic power management (DPMT), strong error correction code (SECC), bad block life cycle management (BBM) ), power failure protection (PLP) and other technologies. At the same time, Kimtigo has also self-developed a number of test solutions, such as eMMC read and write stress test, Corner test, FFU test, RPMB test, power failure test, frequency switching test, fault injection test, life test, NAND Flash quality test, etc. Process control to ensure product compatibility and reliability.

The continuous increase in research and development and the ultimate pursuit of products all show Kimtigo's dedication to quality. This has also injected momentum into Kimtigo for accelerated development.

Standing in the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the Fourth Session of the 13th National People's Congress once again set the focus for technological innovation in 2021. At the same time, with the full launch of "new infrastructure" and the continuous optimization and upgrading of the data storage industry, data storage has entered a rapid development track. "Innovation-driven" is the self-driving force and source power of Kimtigo's sustainable development - as a well-known storage brand in China and one of the top ten storage brands in the world, Kimtigo has obtained more than 200 patents, covering product R&D, manufacturing and quality control every aspect of. Having been deeply involved in the storage field for more than 20 years, Kimtigo has always put "innovation" in the first place, speaks with "products", and always provides partners with the most suitable storage products and solutions for business development.

"Insisting on independent research and development and innovation, and insisting on guaranteeing product quality and performance" is the driving force for Kimtigo to accelerate its own development, and it is also the fuel for Kimtigo to look forward to a new blueprint with its innovative strength. In the future, Kimtigo will continue to explore on the road of innovation to help partners better cope with data challenges in the intelligent age, truly exert the value of data, and embrace the future intelligent world.

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