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Kimtigo Will Fight Again at MWC 2019 Shanghai

Following the IT WEEK Spring Exhibition in Japan and COMPUTEX Taipei, Kimtigo will compete again in MWC 2019 Shanghai. The highlight of this exhibition is Kimtigo's embedded series products. When all the people are singing and carnivaling for the first arrival of the 5G era, the domestic brand Kimtigo is also continuing to make efforts for the storage field in the 5G era.

Kimtigo Will Fight Again at MWC 2019 Shanghai

As a revolutionary information technology, 5G will drive the rapid development of a series of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and big data. propulsion. However, all these aspects are inseparable from the application of memory. With the explosive growth of data, the demand for memory has become more and more extensive, but the high requirements have never been lowered, especially in the smartphone industry that requires high performance and high standards. As a Chinese national storage brand with a history of more than ten years, Kimtigo has received a lot of favor at this MWC Shanghai exhibition because of its strong professionalism, complete range and wide applicability.

Kimtigo Will Fight Again at MWC 2019 Shanghai

Kimtigo embedded series products cover eMCP, eMMC, UFS, BGA SSD, LPDDR3, LPDDR4, MCP, DDR3, DDR4, SPI NOR, SPI NAND and many other types, which are widely used in IPC, camera, smart phone, industrial control, smart TV , game consoles, smart speakers, set-top boxes, Internet application services and other fields. The product has undergone three rigorous level tests at the program level, function level and system level. The defective rate of the client is less than 1‰, and the quality level is much higher than the industry average level of 3‰. It also provides customers with 7*24 hours of after-sales technical services.

Here we will focus on two products of Kimtigo eMCP and LPDDR4.

Kimtigo eMCP

Kimtigo eMCP is a smart phone memory packaged with eMMC and LPDDR3/4, with a size of 11.5*13mm*1.0mm, which can provide two capacity selection standards of 16GB+8Gb and 16GB+16Gb, and has the following major technical features:

DAM Data Acceleration Mode

Significantly improve the read and write performance of the product, which can not only optimize the user experience, but also improve the production efficiency of customers.

DSWL dynamic and static wear leveling algorithm

Intelligently optimize data distribution and prolong the service life of flash memory.

PRDR Active Read Disturb Replacement Technology

Detect and avoid data interference in advance to ensure the long-term stable use of products.

SECC enhanced data error correction algorithm

Enhanced data error correction ability, which improves at least 30% error correction ability compared with ordinary data error correction algorithm.

BBM full lifecycle bad block management capability

Smart management of flash memory bad blocks helps users stay away from the trouble of flash memory block damage.

PLP power-down protection mechanism

More than 30,000 times of abnormal power failure tolerance, protecting user data from loss.

Kimtigo LPDDR4

LPDDR is the "working memory" memory widely used in mobile devices at present. The data transmission speed of Kimtigo LPDDR4 input/output interface can be as high as 3200Mbps, which is twice that of DDR3 RAM, and the operating voltage is as low as 1.1V, which is very suitable for large-screen smart phones and It is a low-power storage solution for tablet PCs and high-performance network systems, and has the following technical features:

Dual channel design

Compared with the single-channel design of LPDDR3, the dual-channel design shortens the transmission distance of data signals from the memory array to I/O, and reduces the delay caused by different lengths of wiring in the chip.

DBI data flip function

Since LPDDR4 adds a set of DMI[1:0] signals, the DBI data flip function can be realized by controlling the corresponding bit of MR3 when reading and writing. This function can be applied to special application scenarios of some software.

FSP function

It supports fast switching between two preset operating frequencies, which is more efficient than repeated switching of LPDDR3.

Of course, the power value of Kimtigo storage is far more than that. We not only provide standardized storage products that conform to the market trend, but also provide customized services that meet the professional characteristics of customers. We believe: focus on storage, and the mission can be expected!

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