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COMPUTEX 2019 Launched, Kimtigo's Booth was Full of Excitement

On May 28th, the annual Taipei COMPUTEX Computer Show, which has a tradition of more than 30 years, was officially launched. The exhibition will last for 5 days. During the 5 days, Kimtigo will gather with hardware manufacturers, technology companies, venture capital companies and other high-tech enterprises in electronic technology from all over the world to showcase their new products and development concepts.

As one of the most watched exhibitions in the Asia-Pacific region, exhibitors from all over the world have always been the core and most concerned topic of COMPUTEX. In 2019, the development of the storage industry can be described as rapid progress, especially the update of storage technology and the mass production of QLC flash memory particles, making storage products represented by solid-state drives enter the era of mass production. As a domestic national brand Kimtigo with more than ten years of development experience in the storage field, it exhibited a variety of different storage solutions such as industrial control-level storage, embedded storage and gaming-level storage at the exhibition.

Kimtigo's Booth was Full of Excitement

Among the exhibited products, the flagship new G6 water-cooled SSD attracted the attention of many enthusiasts as soon as it was unveiled. It perfectly combines water-cooling and RGB, and presents a stunning visual experience with water-light ambilight, attracting visitors to the exhibition. The guests stopped and took the initiative to learn about its working principle from the staff.

Kimtigo's Booth was Full of Excitement

When the guests learned that the working temperature of the G6 is 31 ℃ lower than that of ordinary SSDs, and that it supports the linkage of five RGB motherboards from ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, ASRock, and Razer, and that players can freely adjust the lighting effects, they all had "want" Own", "I want my computer to look cool".

Based on G6's unique combination of RGB and water-cooling design, as well as high-performance performance, this G6 water-cooling may become the "C position" in the eyes of enthusiasts at the COMPUTEX exhibition.

In addition to the flagship G6 AIC SSD, Kimtigo also brought products such as the X3 RGB, which is popular among light bar players. The domineering high frequency was displayed on the spot, and the cool lighting effects combined with G6, and the bursting dynamics also attracted a lot of popularity.

Kimtigo's Booth was Full of Excitement

Embedded products that are light, compact and powerful also attracted attention at the venue, and their application advantages such as wide temperature operation and high integration attracted the attention of many guests. eMCP, one of the key products exhibited by Kimtigo this time, has data acceleration mode, dynamic and static wear leveling algorithm, active read disturbance replacement technology, enhanced ECC error correction, bad block life cycle management, unexpected power failure protection, etc. Technology blessing can fully meet the high requirements of the market for such product technology and technology.

Kimtigo's Booth was Full of Excitement

Many industry workers who came to the exhibition said that from the types of products exhibited by Kimtigo and their performance, we can see China's strength in independent research and development of products, as well as its growing influence in the market. Looking forward to seeing Kintek on a bigger international stage.

The fun has just begun! For more exciting things, you are welcome to visit the kimtigo booth (booth number M1035a) located on the fourth floor of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall, and experience the high-quality products that Kimtigo, a professional storage supplier, brings to consumers.

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