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2021 Global SSD Module Factory Channel Shipment Market Share Ranking Released

On October 13, 2022, the research report released by TrendForce showed that Kimtigo ranked third in the SSD channel market share of the world's top ten SSD module manufacturers in 2021, accounting for 7%.

2021 global ssd module factory channel shipment market share ranking released

(Image from TrendForce)

According to TrendForce research, global channel SSD shipments will reach 127 million units in 2021, an annual growth rate of 11%. Among them, NAND Flash's original factory supply accounted for about 42% of the overall channel market, and module factory shipments accounted for about 58%.

In May 2021, Kimtigo, as a professional SSD manufacturer, announced at the brand upgrade conference that its consumer product line is divided into three series: Zhanhu, Speedhu, and Panhu. Zhanhu series products focus on the mid-to-high-end consumer market, investing heavily in R&D and design of basic materials, appearance design, and product performance, and are committed to creating the most powerful product series under Kimtigo's comprehensive product capabilities; Aiming at experienced users, it brings smooth storage experience to users by creating high-performance products. It is a main product that focuses on speed for game lovers and content workers; Stable and durable storage product.

New Logo of Kimtigo

(New Logo of Kimtigo)

"The Better, The Faster" is the brand slogan of Kimtigo. For Kimtigo, "faster" is not only focused on the research and development of product performance but also reflected in product innovation and after-sales service construction. In 2021 alone, Kimtigo released a total of 8 solid-state products: 750, Panhu DP2000, Suho DP2500, Suho DP3000, Suho DP3500, Suho TP3000, Suho TP3500, Suho TP3500 PROD, etc. The products mainly revolve around PCIe3.0 NVMe The protocol is developed, mass-produced, and launched, with a continuous reading speed of up to 3600MB/s.

Kimtigo Product Collection

(Kimtigo Product Collection)

With the update of Intel and AMD platforms, Kimtigo will also launch the PCIe4.0 Captain TP5000 solid state in 2022. The product adopts a new generation of PCIe4.0 high-speed interface, and the continuous reading speed can reach up to 4800MB/s.

Kimtigo NVMe 4.0*4 TP5000 SSD

(Kimtigo NVMe 4.0*4 TP5000 SSD)

To achieve a two-way driving operation mode for the manufacturer market, Kimtigo not only launches new products to meet and stimulate market demand but also pays much more attention to the younger customer groups. Kimtigo sets the 8th of each month as the channel market brand day and selects different cities every month to do distribution, gift giving, fulfill-quota gift giving, holiday gift packs, and other forms to stimulate sales in the channel market. For the young group, Kimtigo sponsored the Raytheon fan event and demonstrated the new product Zhanhu Z3 RGB light bar on the spot. Its powerful performance and cool lighting effects attracted the attention of a large number of fans; Kimtigo's products are co-branded with Dianhun “Dream of the Three Kingdoms 2” to continuously provide consumers with products freshness, and also to promote the products to young people.

Kimtigo Raytheon fan meeting

(Kimtigo Raytheon fan meeting)

Driven side by side by creating a "troika" of product power, channel power, and brand power, Kimtigo ranked third in the world in the shipment rate of SSD module factory's own brand market in 2021. In the future, in the face of severe market challenges, Kimtigo will continue to enhance its independent innovation capabilities, strengthen its product matrix and deepen its own brands, embrace the new market pattern as a challenger, and empower the storage ecological industry.

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