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How did A Small Semiconductor Chip Become Important for Modern Technology?

Speaking of technologies that connect the world, semiconductor chips have contributed a lot. The progress of human civilization has never been at such a fast pace. The most intuitive display of semiconductors is a small chip, so how does it exist in our lives?

The Secret to Smoother PC Gaming

If a PC wants to play all kinds of game masterpieces, a high-performance graphics card is essential. As a video memory for temporarily storing massive graphics, textures and other data, its capacity, speed and bandwidth are the three most important performance parameters. Samsung's latest GDDR6 video memory has an ultra-high rate of up to 24Gbps, which can transfer up to 1.1TB within 1 second. The data helps the graphics card GPU to play its peak performance.

Samsung's latest GDDR6 video memory

Smartphone performance is more powerful

Although the smartphone has become our indispensable portable tool, it is also a very powerful computer, and it is also equipped with components such as CPU, DRAM memory and storage. Compared with PCs, mobile phones use DRAM memory with lower power consumption, but the performance is still relatively strong. For example, Samsung's latest LPDDR5X DRAM memory chip has the fastest performance of 8.5Gbps in the industry, making it easier to play mobile games. The characteristics of power consumption make the battery last longer.

Samsung's latest LPDDR5X DRAM memory chip

When the game process is hindered, advanced visual equipment can effectively help to find more game clues, so as to win a big victory.

Samsung's breakthrough in ISOCELL image sensor technology

Enhanced visual capabilities can truly change the gaming experience, just as Samsung's breakthrough in ISOCELL image sensor technology can break down the boundaries between the real world and the game world.

Samsung's latest UFS4.0

Samsung's latest UFS4.0 has a sequential write speed of up to 4200MB/s and 2800MB/s, and has low power consumption, performance and power saving.

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