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How to Choose the Speed of SSD?

When buying SSDs, you can often see merchants' promotions in terms of speed. After all, the biggest selling point of solid-state drives is speed. However, for the vast majority of users, the 7000MB/s speed of the flagship solid-state is not practical, so how fast should we choose when buying an SSD?

Generally speaking, solid-state drives have three-speed grades: 500MB/s, 2000MB/s, and 5000MB/s. These three speeds are gradually increasing, and the price is also increasing.

If you want to boot in 10 seconds, then most of the solid-state drives on the market can do it. If the system is well optimized and some software starts automatically at boot, mechanical hard drives can even boot in 10 seconds. If you only want to buy an SSD you only care about the boot speed.

Many gamers pay attention to the choice of SSD, but in fact, the role of SSD is mainly to speed up the installation speed of games. A 2000MB/s SSD is enough because the speed of loading and saving can be improved when playing games, but the number of frames of games cannot be improved.

For professional users, frequent loading of large files, rendering of 3D models and scenes, and editing of high-definition videos have higher requirements on the read and write speed of the hard disk, and frequent loading of materials and saving files will better exert the strength of SSD. Such users are more suitable to maximize the speed and choose 5000MB/s SSD.

The price and speed of SSDs with the same capacity are linked, that is to say, the faster the speed, the higher the price, and most players do not need such a fast read and write speed, so it is better to replace it with a higher speed than to pursue high speed too much. Large capacity is more suitable.

Since SSDs with different reading speeds have little difference in many scenarios, should you buy the cheapest one? As a reliable SSD manufacturer, we should say of course not. At present, the price of 2000MB/s solid-state drives has fallen to the bottom, which is not much different from the price of 500MB/s SATA drives. Therefore, I suggest that the slightly more expensive but faster NVMe solid-state drives be preferred for most users.

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