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Kimtigo Won the Gold Medal in the 2023 Storage Ranking List

On November 29, the 2023 China Data and Storage Summit with the theme of "Digital Innovation and AI Future" was held in Beijing. This summit carried out in-depth exchanges and discussions on how to bridge the gap between data and the economy. During the conference, the organizer released the storage hot list and IT hot list. Kimtigo DDR5 96GB 5600MHz EC8 RDIMM products have outstanding product innovation, Stable performance, and application in the field of data storage won the Gold Award for Enterprise-Level Memory Products in the 2023 Annual Storage Ranking, which means that Kimtigo's expertise in the field of data storage has been recognized by the industry expert review group.

Kimtigo Won the Gold Medal in the 2023 Storage Ranking List

(2023 Storage Chart List)

The "2023 Annual Storage Ranking" and "2023 Annual IT Ranking" are selected once a year. The purpose of this list selection is to focus on the most valuable innovative companies, cutting-edge technologies, and product solutions in the field of enterprise-level IT and data storage this year. The plan is strictly reviewed by a senior editorial team and an expert review team, and the most representative companies and products are selected. After Kimtigo's 32GB DDR4 RDIMM won the Server Memory Technology Innovation Award last year, this year's DDR5 product once again won the Gold Award for Enterprise Memory Products, which fully reflects Kimtigo's continued efforts in the enterprise-level storage field, continuous product development and innovation, and assistance in the data storage field. develop.

Kimtigo Won the Gold Medal in the 2023 Storage Ranking List

(Kimtigo won the Gold Award for Memory Products in the Storage Chart)

Kimtigo DDR5 RDIMM has a frequency of 5600MHz, a voltage of 1.1V, and an operating temperature of 0-95°C. It provides multiple capacity options of 16GB-96GB for different levels of servers. Its 96GB large capacity can meet the multi-scenario application needs of huge databases and is suitable for Intel, AMD server platform supports applications such as distributed storage, edge computing, AI computing, communication base stations, business intelligence, and various trading systems.

Kimtigo Won the Gold Medal in the 2023 Storage Ranking List

(Kimtigo DDR5 product parameter table)

This 96GB 5600MHz EC8 DDR5 RDIMM product is developed based on Major-level DRAM particles and supports On Die ECC. At the same time, each Sub Channel is equipped with 8-bit ECC, which has stable error correction capabilities, thereby improving product reliability, reducing defect rates, and easing memory control. It reduces the computational burden of RAS and ECC on the server, allowing the system to run more stably and improve work operation efficiency.

Compared with DDR4, DDR 5 adds new power management functions. DDR5 transfers the PMIC from the motherboard to the memory. The memory is equipped with a power management IC to efficiently control the system power load. The operating voltage is reduced to 1.1V, which has lower power consumption than DDR4's 1.2V.

Kimtigo Won the Gold Medal in the 2023 Storage Ranking List

(Kimtigo DDR5 product picture)

Kimtigo DDR5 RDIMM adopts 30u PCB gold plating process and resists sulfation, which can effectively extend the service life. DDR5 memory is synchronized with 2 Thermal Sensor ICs to monitor the temperature of the entire DIMM to achieve more precise control of heat dissipation. Kimtigo can also meet the environmental temperature requirements of different customers through wide temperature design.

Kimtigo has continuously won the Technology Innovation Award and Product Gold Award in the Storage Chart with the guidance of technological innovation. In the future, Kimtigo will continue to consolidate its technical strength, launch professional storage solutions for diversified storage needs, and help the development of data storage.

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